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 Putting On the Bear Hat

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PostSubject: Putting On the Bear Hat   Fri Aug 31, 2007 10:57 pm

Putting On the Bear Hat

John Jeffery,
August 31, 2007

may sound unseasonable. Most market commentators are beginning to come
around to the idea that the current pullback was an expected correction
and things are going to waltz along as before. I’m not so sure. From a
macro economic perspective (and despite the rise in bond yields) I
think it is fair to suggest that there is only a 55/45 percent chance
of avoiding recession in the US. And every day the housing slump
continues that number gets closer to 50/50. A consumer-led recession in
the US will affect the world economy. Since Australia’s recent phase of
economic expansion has been fueled by an export boom, the worldwide
slump will no doubt be felt here.

Leaving the economic arguments to the side, let’s have a look at some
longer-term technical perspectives that suggest that the July top on
the Dow Jones 30 was the top for the year. Should the market unfold in
accordance to Elliot theory as illustrated below, we will see the onset
of nothing short of a two-year bear market retracing to around 7400. Of
course, this is one of many possible numbers with no guarantee that the
market will correct. It is just one potential ‘roadmap’ to use as a

Chart 1 – INDU Monthly Bar Chart

click here for more detail

If a ‘normal’ scale was used, the early waves would seem irrelevant and
could be overlooked in our count. In order to avoid this, a logarithmic
scale is usually applied to longer term technical analysis. The waves
of the current ‘five’ (motive pattern) have been labeled. Should
agreement be reached that this is the correct count so far, we can
determine when and where Wave 5 should end.

One simple way of trying to identify the high of Wave 5 is to take the
total price movement from the beginning of the count (770) up until the
high of Wave 3 (11750). This price is then projected forward from the
end of Wave 4. Fibonacci ratios of the projection are used to forecast
the high of Wave 5. The most important Fibonacci ratio is 61.8%. A
projection of 61.8% would give us a Wave 5 high of 13982 points. The
Dow thus far has topped at 14022 points.

As mentioned before, this is one of a number of different ways of
calculating the end of the motive pattern in Elliot analysis. For a
further example, Wave 5 should also be a 162% extension from the
beginning of the Wave 4 low in 2002. This would project a Wave 5 high
of 14564 points. Time projections (too complex to investigate here)
suggest that Wave 5 should have peaked in mid June to early July.
Things are certainly looking ‘toppy’.

Regardless of the correct count, or even the next probable count, a
trader should make decisions based on a solid trading strategy. As
always, longer-term forecasts and longer term analysis are better
guides for investing and sector choice than day-to-day speculation.

Stay sharp,

John Jeffery

Trading Tutors
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Number of posts : 440
Registration date : 2007-07-01

PostSubject: Re: Putting On the Bear Hat   Fri Aug 31, 2007 10:59 pm

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Putting On the Bear Hat
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