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 Wall Street gets ready to face 'Monday blues'

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PostSubject: Wall Street gets ready to face 'Monday blues'   Sat Oct 20, 2007 9:41 pm

Wall Street gets ready to face 'Monday blues'

Oil price surges coupled with the already existing credit crisis in the
markets and on top of that weak economical data have all made it all
too easy for the bears to reign in the markets on Friday. If things
were to remain true to the current trend then it seems that 'Monday
blues' is all set to bit the Wall street right where it hurts the most.
the demand on Oil still going strong, the Oil futures have just come
down from the 90$ mark. But the opinion of the many is that the price
has come down only to push up to all new heights come Monday.The OPEC
is not doing much as far as increasing the production of Oil so as to
relieve pressure in the futures market. Now with the weak economic data
along with bad Q results from some of the top companies, we may all see
gloomy days ahead in the market, playing out to the bear's tune.
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Wall Street gets ready to face 'Monday blues'
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