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 Xiangshui,where your dreams come true

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PostSubject: Xiangshui,where your dreams come true   Wed Jul 29, 2009 12:54 am


Xiangshui,Jiangsu Province,China

The county of Xiangshui is located at the junction of three cities: Yancheng ,Huaian and Lianyungang ,know as“North Gate”of Yancheng.Within its jurisdiction ,it has twelve towns and three industrial zones and covers an area of 1,461 square kilometers.It has a population of 596,000,among which 200,000 are rural labors.Xiangshui is one of the counties in china with the greatest potential for development.
Coastal Expressway ,National Highway 204,four provincial run across the county ,and Yancheng-Lianyungang railway under construction connects the North and south of the county. Guanhe River ,the only natural-tide rive-course without gate dam on its way to the sea in the northern Jiangsu Province ,together with TongYu Grand Canal ,is the “Gloden Rive-course”that connects the inland with sea transportation.

It is among the first batch of counties that have been opened by the state council to the outside world. It is famous for its cotton industry and ecological conservation projects.

For further information and possibilities of merchants cooperation,go directly to,or email directly to
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Xiangshui,where your dreams come true
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