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 Going Offshore: Investor’s Edge

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PostSubject: Going Offshore: Investor’s Edge   Tue May 18, 2010 8:35 am

Offshore accounts has caught the fancy of many savvy investors of the world. The offshore bank is one that is opened outside the country of residence of the investors and avail the rules of that location. Usually these locations offer many benefits like the presence of a stable political government and legal framework. Some of the best offshore bank account offers benefits that are following:

Privacy: Privacy is one of the best reasons why the investors are opting for offshore accounts. The offshore accounts can protect the investor’s funds from the prying eyes, which may not necessarily be right. The investors can shield their funds from corrupt authorities and criminal elements. This can be done by investing their funds in an offshore location. Protection: Since offshore account is not easily reachable for anyone else, it offers great protection to the investor’s money.

Tax Evasion: The tax rules applicable on an offshore account are of the offshore location. The taxes on offshore funds are lesser than those proposed by domestic banks. Some offshore locations even offer zero taxes, these locations are often termed tax havens.

With offshore accounts, one can have multiple currencies at their finger tips. The account can help swiftly change currencies, and that too, at a fraction of cost. Some of the offshore accounts offer FOREX and trading accounts, which allows one to buy and sell at the click of button.

Another big advantage of an offshore account is that there is no presence of bureaucracy and red-tape. One does not come across a barrage of questions and other security procedures for transferring funds, be it small or large.
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Going Offshore: Investor’s Edge
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