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 Safety Investment - The Best Hyip on 2011 - 300% of your Dep

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PostSubject: Safety Investment - The Best Hyip on 2011 - 300% of your Dep   Sat Sep 17, 2011 10:30 am

Safety Investment - The Best Hyip on 2011 - 300% of your Deposited in 4 hours
It was quite a long process to form our team.We have been working offline for over 5 years already. Starting right away with FOREX and diversified trading in major markets we tried and were always ready to find new spheres of financial activity such as cooperation with the most trusted funds and companies which have become our long term partners. Using their experince and support we accumulate our reserve funds which are the most urgent and integral part of any business that is to be called financial.
Safety Investment team consists of seperated groups of traders and financial experts from different regions of the world:Australia,US,Russia,Netherlands.All in all about 12 people. Due to very fast and widely spread so called on-line development all over communication is easy and efficient as ever.
The idea of launching Safety Investment project factually came from one of our Safety Investment collegues B.P. Stockton from US about a year ago. It was mainly connected with growing Internet orientation,e-currencies,on-line currency exchanges and etc. It took time to divide and set the responsibilities and regulations between the members involved in the whole process. What you see about Safety Investment is just an outside design, a specific form of cooperation and communication with our web investors.It is really much more complicated. Running Safety Investment and combining it with our other activities referrs to a wide circle of problems and questions:money management, financial analyzis, statistics,trading, money exchange,supporting our clients with the latest info.
Not a secret, the most important success factor is capital managment. We never use more than 10% of our deposit for one pair, and never use more then 25% of our deposit for all positions. Moreover, we are always in the process of accumulating reserve funds (more than 50% of deposit) for practical insurance. These consist of money we invest into secure instruments such as bank deposits, shares of enterprises, bonds, and real estate. Financial diversification is one the strongest options we are in charge of.
What we can offer
Carrying out our activity every day we offer you a real percentage of what we really can afford taking into consideration the possible risk and losses which are always about to appear. These are the investment plans we offer:
300% of your Deposited in 4 hours (Min $20,000)
800% of your Deposited in 6 hours (Min $60,000)
5% referral program
Automatic payout directly to your e-currency account.
Payments made 7 days per week.
DDoS protection
You may make an additional spend as many times as you like.

Deposit Here

200% Investment Insurance

If you don't get paid from Safety Investment,please mailto:
I will return 200% of your deposit.You have no risk!
I am admin of
If you want to find more paying hyips, Please check our site.
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Safety Investment - The Best Hyip on 2011 - 300% of your Dep
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